Dine Culture

Dina dancerI learned several years ago that to engage a new culture, one can learn their songs, dance, and food.  When we lived in Kentucky we learned to eat Hot Brown and enjoy Bluegrass Music.  We went with some friends to the granddaddy of all Bluegrass Festivals in Lexington, KY.  It was great.  We saw and heard most of the performers who provided the music for the movie released about a year later – “O, Brother, Where Art Thou.”  We also took clogging lessons.  That was great fun, and it got us accepted into the culture very quickly.

In the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, where much of the population has an Eastern European immigrant heritage, we went to the almost weekly festivals at area churches and other venues.  There we were introduced to the amazing foods new to us – like pierogies and baclava.  And we gained a new appreciation for polka and other folk dances.

On the Navajo Nation, the native music is mostly Navajo language chant, and the dances are part of their religion.  So, we struggle to learn and engage in their culture.  But, we keep trying.