Cultural Arrogance

The terrible mistreatment of Native Americans by the Spanish and European settlers who came to North American cannot be overlooked or denied.  Terrible things happened.  Shameful things.  Rarely mentioned, however, is that similar things occurred between tribes before the advent of Europeans on the North American continent.  The Utes, for example frequently raided the Navajos, stealing, raping women, kidnapping women and children, and killing those who resisted them.  I just read a biography of a Navajo man who refers to a family’s slaves: a woman and her children.  Where did those slaves come from?  Inter-tribal warfare occurred all over the continent.

The same sort of atrocities occur now in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia, and other locations.  Humans can be cruel to other humans.  Humans tend to view people who are different from them as either, weak, inferior, mean, or bad; that seems to justify the atrocities.  Human reactions to atrocities usually range from fear to revenge to hatred.  The cycle continues.

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