Being Real

Four from our little church went to the home of some members who would probably be classified as poor. They were having a neighborhood cookout – in a “poor” neighborhood.  About 20 hungry people of various skin colors showed up, and we had a great time.

Afterward, the youngest of us – a recent college graduate – remarked that he had noticed that poor people are open and honest.  They have very open and real conversations.  That sparked a conversation about middle class and upper class (rich) people.

Most middle class people, we concluded, are not as real and honest and mostly talk about each other.  The difficulty of climbing out of the middle class is that everyone else in the class is working hard to pull each other down in their own effort to climb up.

The student then said he’d never really hung out with any upper class people.  I shared that in my experience most upper class people are not very real and honest (they work hard to give the impression that they are doing great) and in conversation they talk about business, philosophy, politics, and society subjects.

Hmmmm. Interesting. What do you think about our observations?

Osama Bin Laden

While driving in the backcountry of Alpine Ranch, my friend, Don, said to me, “Chuck, Christians and Muslims are a lot alike.”  I replied, “Yeah?  How’s that?”  “Neither of them have read their book,” he said with a smile.  I grinned back at him and said, “You’re right.”

Then he said, “If Muslims read their book, they’d all be terrorists.  And if Christians read their book, they’d be a lot nicer.”  This time I laughed.  He is correct, no doubt.

Have you read the Koran (Quran)?  I have.  It’s an intriguing book.  The Koran often advocates death to “the Great Satan” and killing “people of the book.” Many modern Muslims believe the United States to be “the Great Satan.”  They also believe that “people of the book” refers to Jews and Christians.  Osama Bin Laden did read his book.  No doubt, he truly believed he was an instrument of Allah.

Oh, and no wonder the troops encountered female human shields in Mr. Bin Laden’s compound.  The Koran treats women as chattel – to be used and of little value.  Yes, Osama read his book.  God, have mercy.