Osama Bin Laden

While driving in the backcountry of Alpine Ranch, my friend, Don, said to me, “Chuck, Christians and Muslims are a lot alike.”  I replied, “Yeah?  How’s that?”  “Neither of them have read their book,” he said with a smile.  I grinned back at him and said, “You’re right.”

Then he said, “If Muslims read their book, they’d all be terrorists.  And if Christians read their book, they’d be a lot nicer.”  This time I laughed.  He is correct, no doubt.

Have you read the Koran (Quran)?  I have.  It’s an intriguing book.  The Koran often advocates death to “the Great Satan” and killing “people of the book.” Many modern Muslims believe the United States to be “the Great Satan.”  They also believe that “people of the book” refers to Jews and Christians.  Osama Bin Laden did read his book.  No doubt, he truly believed he was an instrument of Allah.

Oh, and no wonder the troops encountered female human shields in Mr. Bin Laden’s compound.  The Koran treats women as chattel – to be used and of little value.  Yes, Osama read his book.  God, have mercy.

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  1. we read our book and we never see anything of terrorism in it , and we all muslims respect christians and belive of other religious to . Our “book” as you say told us to , and we have nothing to do with the United States

    sorry for disturbing

    • I normally don’t respond to anonymous comments. If you believe what you say, please identify yourself. I must say that your comments are shocking. I respect Muslims – have several Muslim friends. None of them, however have read much of the Koran. They have read excerpts. I did read it–all of it–and anyone with a sixth grade reading level can see that it teaches killing “people of the book” and “the great Satan.” I did hear a Muslim leader speak at a university in Texas a few years ago. He was a nice person, but he did reluctantly admit–when pushed by a student during the question and answer session after his presentation–that he believed in Jihad. The fact that you commented is not disturbing. I welcome honest comments. That you are not speaking honestly does disturb me.

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