Another C


“Stormy Cs? What’s that about?” I’m often asked. “What are the Stormy Cs?” The focus is on two Cs: Change and Conflict, but others are addressed from time to time. Three others are Complaining, Criticizing, and Controlling. Another is Condescending.

When a person speaks to me in a Condescending way, I get irritable. Sometimes that person and I argue and have Conflict. How about you? How do you react to someone speaking to you in a Condescending way?

Sometimes I am made aware that I have spoken to another person in a Condescending way. Shame on me! When that happens, I must admit what I did, sincerely apologize, and ask for their forgiveness. That requires humility, doesn’t it?

Synonyms for Condescending include “haughtiness” and “arrogance.” Sincerely apologizing for Condescending requires that I acknowledge my arrogance and haughtiness and humble myself before the person I spoke down to.

The prefix “con,” as you probably know, means “with.” “Descending,” as you know, means going down. Condescending means speaking down to. I don’t like being spoken down to. How about you? Hopefully, I won’t do it ever again.

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