Guidelines for Living Fully

I started a few months ago compiling some guidelines (rules, if you prefer) for living fully. I share a few with you below.

1. Be grateful
2. Rejoice
3. Smile and laugh often
4. Trust
5.  Don’t waste good
6. Tell the truth
7. Know when to cut your losses
8. Know when to say no
9. Know when to wait
10. Know when to say nothing


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Leading from Below

In academia, business, and organized churches, I observe that the acknowledged leaders do not always lead. Often an unsung person working for the department head, dean, manager, president, pastor, etc. leads the organization. If we want to know what happens in the organization, we know to go to these people – often secretaries, administrative assistants, etc. These people lead from below (or beneath). Many times great things happen in the world and the credit goes to the wrong people. Have you ever led from behind, beneath, or below?

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